Milica Waistcoat . Ivy Knit Vest . Milica New Trousers

Arlinda Quilt Jacket . Jeanne Tunic

Gwennola Knit O-Neck . Barry Leather Midi Skirt

Houda Wrap Dress

Jeanne Tunic

Chavella Dress

Chavella Dress

Cherine Waistcoat . Cherine Trousers . Arkin Shirt

Cherine Waistcoat . Cherine Trousers . Arkin Shirt

Blandine New Waistcoat . Celian Dres

Charline Dress

Irza Knit T-Neck . Colombe Skirt

Irza Knit T-Neck . Colombe Skirt

Felicie Classic Shirt . Cherine Trousers

Orion Classic Blazer . Baylor Trousers

Elvie Long Blazer . Elvie Caropped Trousers

Minski DraaElvie Long Blazer . Elvie Cropped Trousersess . Calous Jacket

Salomee Dress . Myah Knit O-Neck . Houda Scarf

Yella Blouse . Elvie Classic Trousers

Ellea Wrap Dress . Omella Knit Hoodie Vest

An approachable party capsule to address our urge for day-to-night hybrid looks.
The collection is styled with the desire for comfort driven parties. Cocktail hour dressing paired with late night lounge mood. Sharp tuxedo shirt details and suiting. Matching sets in versatile materials.

The materials reflect lounge-to-party dressing. Luster and lurex sparkle added to relaxed jerseys and structured jacquards. A large variety of soft velvet – printed and glittery. Solid neutral-colored knits complimented with structured stitches and yarns. Lace inserts plays as a statement textural accent.

Key prints for this season are large scale printed patchwork, striped herringbone printed velvet and charcoal hand drawn flower.

Our colors are founded on an essential palette of cool black, evening army green, chambray blue and warm camel. Complimented with soft dusty pinks and dull olive combined with a vibrant spectrum blue.